Recycle with us – Fast, Easy & Free

Recycling is something we can all do to help the environment. By reducing the amount of trash we produce, we save natural habitats and generate less water and air pollution. The production of recycled cartridges consumes less energy and uses fewer natural resources. Customers want and expect the ability to recycle their toner cartridges. Now you have a way to meet and exceed their expectations. We offer an easy to use recycling program to you for free.

How to use the program

  • Fill out the form below
  • Download and print your labels
  • Fill a sturdy box with at least 20 lbs (6 empty toner cartridges weigh about 20 lbs.), or 20 mixed ink/toner items.
  • Tape the pre-paid label to the box
  • Arrange for UPS pick-up or drop it off at your nearest UPS facility